Produttori e fornitori di macchine per l'imballaggio alimentare
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Linea di produzione automatica della macchina per la produzione di maschere


This medical mask machine equipment is mainly used for the manufacture of disposable masks, using ultrasonic welding and photoelectric control technology, which can complete the welding of the mask body and ear straps at a time, single-channel structure. The standardized process of the fully automatic kn95 mask machine can greatly reduce labor costs, and effectively reduce manual contact during the production process to achieve aseptic standards. It is ideal equipment for the production of disposable medical masks.

In questo momento, it mainly produces five types of mask machine production lines, which are semi-automatic plane mask machine production line, plane mask one-to-one automatic mask production line, plane mask one-to-two automatic mask production line, semi-automatic KN95 mask machine production line and fully automatic KN95 mask machine production line. The two types of semi-automatic mask machine production lines produced and operated by our company have a high degree of automation, employees get started very quickly, and the manual operation error rate is low, which is convenient for manual maintenance. Ear band welding machine and edge banding machine can be added according to customer needs later. The best choice for mass production of masks in a short period of time. Inoltre, the KN95 automatic mask machine production line series has a high degree of automation. It only requires one person to operate from feeding processing to finished product production, which greatly saves manpower.

We produce mask machine production line. We have 12 years of experience in manufacturing. La soddisfazione del cliente è il nostro inseguimento.


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